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AudioFile & OverDrive Present: SYNC Audiobooks for Teens (April 2021)

SYNC is an annual program that gives individuals 13+ who register two complete audiobook downloads per week–including new and favorite listens–each week for 14 weeks during the summer. It’s free and available worldwide.

Join Michele and Francisca from AudioFile and Lisa from OverDrive as they discuss the benefits of audiobooks, talk about this year’s offerings, and demonstrate how to access the titles with Sora, the student reading app.

Visit to register for the SYNC program and download the Sora app from your favorite app store by searching “Sora, by OverDrive.”

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Prefer to jump to a particular section? Follow the time markers, below::

  • Welcome and Agenda - 0:00-6:30
  • Growth and Trends - 6:31-11:04
  • Building a collection - 11:05-27:46
  • Shopping and curating - 27:47-45:54
  • Promoting - 45:55-52:36
  • Follow-up and Thanks - 52:37-54:02

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