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Managing Advantage in Marketplace

This 30-minute video will take you through Marketplace as an Advantage user.

Learn the subtle differences in searching for titles, running reports, and managing your collection from the Advantage perspective.

For more detailed information about the processes mentioned in this video, please feel free to reference:

Managing Recommended Titles in Marketplace

Learn how to review and purchase the titles your patrons recommend.

  • Overview of Recommended Titles – 0:00-2:08
  • The patron recommendation experience – 2:09-3:45
  • Using the Recommended titles report – 3:46-6:23
  • Creating an automated Recommend to Library plan – 6:23-14:08

Automating Metered Access Titles

This second part in a two part series focuses on how to use automated tools to find and manage Metered Access titles.
  • 00:30 How can I combine expiring titles into one cart?
  • 02:17 How can I utilize automated carts to quickly find and manage Metered Access titles?
  • 08:22 How do I automatically weed expired titles?

Managing Expired Metered Access Titles

This first part in a two part series focuses on how to find and manage expired Metered Access titles in Marketplace.
  • 00:32 What is a Metered Access title?
  • 01:17 How do I find expired titles?
  • 04:25 Do I have expired titles with holds?
  • 09:13 How do I know if I have expired titles in my Advantage collection?
  • 10:13 I have expired titles and can no longer purchase this version; however, they have holds. What do I do?

Title Assignments (K-12 Schools)

A review and demonstration of how to assign titles to students for use with Sora.

  • Introduction/What are title assignments?: 0:00-1:08
  • What’s the difference between and title assignment and a class set?: 1:09-2:02
  • What should I have on hand before assigning a title to students?: 2:03-2:38
  • How do I assign titles to my students? (demonstration): 2:39-10:44
  • How do assignments look for students?: 10:45-11:06
  • Where can I learn more about title assignments?: 11:07-11:58