Library Staff Training

Manage Holds

How to monitor and respond to user demand for digital titles.

  • 01:20 Use end-user support tools
  • 02:50 Run a Current holds report
  • 06:08 Complete an Advanced search
  • 08:13 Create a Holds Manager plan
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Automate Carts: Create a Holds Manager Plan

How to create a Holds Manager plan in OverDrive Marketplace.

  • 00:11 Overview
  • 00:55 How to get started
  • 01:40 Create a new plan
  • 02:10 User demand and budget
  • 07:10 Collection development policies
  • 11:40 Scheduling

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Automate Metered Access Titles

This second part in a two part series focuses on how to use automated tools to find and manage Metered Access titles.

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Manage Expired Metered Access Titles

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  • 01:17 How do I find expired titles?
  • 04:25 Do I have expired titles with holds?
  • 09:13 How do I know if I have expired titles in my Advantage collection?
  • 10:13 I have expired titles and can no longer purchase this version; however, they have holds. What do I do?

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