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Frequently Asked Questions

about the RBdigital Transition to OverDrive

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  • What does this acquisition mean for my library?

    OverDrive has acquired RBmedia’s library business, RBdigital, in North America, UK, and Australia. This means that the titles purchased from RBdigital will be transferred to OverDrive. Your readers will enjoy access to these titles in the popular Libby app. When this transfer is complete, the RBdigital platform and app will be retired.

    If you are already an OverDrive library partner, RBdigital ebooks and audiobooks will be consolidated with your OverDrive digital collection for discovery and use in Libby.

    If your library is not currently working with OverDrive, we will work with your library to transfer your ebooks and audiobooks from RBdigital to an OverDrive platform. We will work with your staff and users to meet Libby, the library app to browse, borrow, and enjoy ebooks and audiobooks. Libby is also available in the browser at http://libbyapp.com.

    If you have other digital content subscriptions with RBdigital (e.g., ZINIO, video, etc.), please read on for more information.

  • Are we required to move our RBdigital titles to OverDrive?

    Yes. If your library had an active contract with RBdigital for ebooks and audiobooks as of 6/1/2020, your content will be moved to OverDrive. OverDrive will communicate details and timing of your digital collection transfer prior to the scheduled date.

  • When will my ebooks and audiobooks be transferred from RBdigital to OverDrive?

    If you are currently a customer of both RBdigital and OverDrive, we will provide details to your library for the transfer of your digital collection two weeks in advance of the scheduled transfer date. If your library will be a new OverDrive partner, we will provide details about the transfer one month in advance of the scheduled transfer date. Collection transfers for select US customers will begin in August.

  • Will all titles be moved?

    We are preparing to transfer all ebooks and audiobooks that your library acquired from RBdigital to OverDrive. This requires we gather data on title usage for Metered Access and subscription collections. If we encounter issues or exceptions, we will notify you.

  • If I have questions or concerns about this change, who do I contact?

    If you are a current OverDrive library partner, please contact your Account Manager with questions or concerns. If you will be a new partner library to OverDrive, please contact your RBdigital Account Manager and we will work together to assist you.