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  • What does this acquisition mean for my library?

    OverDrive has acquired RBmedia’s library business, RBdigital, in North America, UK, and Australia. This means that the titles purchased from RBdigital will be transferred to OverDrive. Your readers will enjoy access to these titles in the popular Libby app. When this transfer is complete, the RBdigital platform and app will be retired.

    If you are already an OverDrive library partner, RBdigital ebooks and audiobooks will be consolidated with your OverDrive digital collection for discovery and use in Libby.

    If your library is not currently working with OverDrive, we will work with your library to transfer your ebooks and audiobooks from RBdigital to an OverDrive platform. We will work with your staff and users to meet Libby, the library app to browse, borrow, and enjoy ebooks and audiobooks. Libby is also available in the browser at http://libbyapp.com.

    If you have other digital content subscriptions with RBdigital (e.g., ZINIO, video, etc.), please read on for more information.

  • Are we required to move our RBdigital titles to OverDrive?

    Yes. If your library had an active contract with RBdigital for ebooks and audiobooks as of 6/1/2020, your content will be moved to OverDrive. OverDrive will communicate details and timing of your digital collection transfer prior to the scheduled date.

  • When will my ebooks and audiobooks be transferred from RBdigital to OverDrive?

    If you are currently a customer of both RBdigital and OverDrive, we will provide details to your library for the transfer of your digital collection two weeks in advance of the scheduled transfer date. If your library will be a new OverDrive partner, we will provide details about the transfer one month in advance of the scheduled transfer date. Collection transfers for select US customers will begin in August.

  • Will all titles be moved?

    We are preparing to transfer all ebooks and audiobooks that your library acquired from RBdigital to OverDrive. This requires we gather data on title usage for Metered Access and subscription collections. If we encounter issues or exceptions, we will notify you.

  • If I have questions or concerns about this change, who do I contact?

    If you are a current OverDrive library partner, please contact your Account Manager with questions or concerns. If you will be a new partner library to OverDrive, please contact your RBdigital Account Manager and we will work together to assist you.

  • Should I buy new ebooks and audiobooks from OverDrive or RBdigital?

    If your library is already an OverDrive partner, please continue to use OverDrive Marketplace for purchasing new digital titles for your collection. If you will be a new library partner to OverDrive, please continue to purchase titles through RBdigital until we create a purchasing account for your library with OverDrive.

  • What will happen to my library’s other subscriptions (i.e., not ebooks and audiobooks) through RBdigital?

    OverDrive is reviewing the go-forward plans for the other subscription services available through RBdigital (e.g., Acorn TV, Universal Class). We will share updates as they’re available. In the meantime, your users can continue to use RBdigital to access this content.

  • What will happen to my Unlimited subscription?

    If you have an active RBUnlimited subscription on the date of your transfer to OverDrive, OverDrive will make the titles in the subscription available to your users as Simultaneous Use (unlimited concurrent usage). While titles cannot be added to your RBUnlimited plan, OverDrive will honor simultaneous access to the titles through the subscription end date. Titles formerly available via RBUnlimited are or will be made available to you through OverDrive in other lending model(s). Please note that OverDrive can neither sell new RBunlimited plans, nor accept renewals on existing plans as of June 30, 2020. Please see additional information below regarding other renewal options.

  • What about RB Core (a collection of approximately 8,800 Recorded Books titles available for unlimited concurrent use)?

    Current RB Core Subscriptions: If you have an active RB Core subscription that will expire on or before your date of transfer to OverDrive, you may renew your RB Core subscription through December 31, 2020. Please contact your RBdigital representative for more information on how to renew.

    New RB Core Subscriptions: Through December 31, 2020, Recorded Books library customers who would like to start a new RB Core subscription can do so by contacting their RB representative for information.

    RBUnlimited Subscriptions: If you have a recently expired, or soon to expire RBUnlimited subscription, you may replace the subscription with an RB Core subscription through December 31, 2020. Please note that the RB Core catalog includes a smaller selection of titles than the Unlimited catalog as well as has different subscription pricing. Please contact your RB representative for more information on how to purchase.

  • Can I purchase all Recorded Books titles from OverDrive?

    Yes. We recently added all 4,000 recently published titles by Recorded Books to OverDrive Marketplace and they are available to your library today. This effort is ongoing and in the coming weeks, entire catalogs from Recorded Books and W.F. Howes will be available for OverDrive partners to purchase.

  • Are Recorded Books or other RBmedia publishing brands providing OverDrive exclusivity on any of their catalogs?

    No. RBmedia plans to offer broad access to the library industry and library platforms.

  • Will the Recorded Books catalog and other RBmedia publishing brands be available under the Cost Per Circulation (CPC) model from OverDrive?

    Yes. CPC will be added to the Recorded Books, WFH Howes, Graphic Audio, and Gildan catalogs. Tantor, Christian Audio and Highbridge already offer their titles under the CPC model.

  • I have a hard-good bundle Standing Order Plans (SOP) with RBdigital. Will that be available to me on the OverDrive platform?

    No. Hard-good purchasing will not be available on the OverDrive platform.

  • Will I still be able to buy CD audiobooks from Recorded Books?

    Yes. You will still be able to buy CD audiobooks from Recorded Books.

  • I have credit on file with RBdigital. Will that transfer to OverDrive?

    Most types of credits associated with traditional ebook and audiobook content are expected to transfer to OverDrive from RBdigital within 4 weeks of your content transfer. When the credit has been moved, you can view it in OverDrive Marketplace in the Content Credit history report, as well as under Settings > Account balances. Credits associated with other types of content (ZINIO, streaming video, etc.) will remain on account with RBdigital at this time.

  • I am on a Digital Standing Order Plan with RBdigital. Will that be available to me on the OverDrive platform?

    OverDrive will not continue RBdigital Standing Order Plans. If you want to schedule automated purchasing (e.g., new releases, high holds, etc.), please contact your OverDrive Account Manager and we will be happy to help set this up for your library using Automated Carts in OverDrive Marketplace. Please watch this how-to video to learn more.

  • I have active carts open in my RBdigital account. Will those transfer over to my OverDrive account?

    Carts that your library has manually built in RBdigital but has not yet submitted will not be transferred, so we encourage you to submit those now or recreate them in OverDrive Marketplace.

  • What will happen to preorder titles I previously submitted with RBdigital?

    Any titles with street dates after your library’s scheduled transfer date (preorder titles that haven’t yet been invoiced) won’t be included in the title transfer to OverDrive.

    Preorder titles that are part of an RBunlimited subscription will be transferred to your digital collection on your library’s scheduled transfer date, and made available to borrow on their street date. No invoices will be issued from OverDrive for these titles because they are part of an existing subscription.

  • Can I receive a list of titles that transferred from RBdigital to OverDrive?

    Yes, please contact your OverDrive Account Manager to request this report and we will provide it after the transfer.

  • Did all titles in my RBdigital collection transfer on the transfer date?

    No. On your transfer date, OverDrive transferred every title we had in our system. Since then, we have been working diligently to acquire titles that we did not have at that time. In the coming weeks, these titles will trickle into your collection. As with the initial transfer, these additional transfers will show as Purchase Orders ($0) in OverDrive Marketplace to help you track them.

  • Will we receive MARC records for transferred titles?

    To update MARC records for your RBdigital titles, you can choose either of the below options after the transfer occurs. Note that if you offer formats in addition to ebooks and audiobooks, you will want to maintain those records for now.

    • Remove RBdigital MARC records from your library catalog and import free OverDrive MARC Express records. The day after your library’s content transfer you can retrieve the records from OverDrive Marketplace here.
    • Replace the 856 field URLs in existing RBdigital MARC records with OverDrive URLs. Immediately following the content transfer, you can find direct title links in the corresponding content transfer purchase order in OverDrive Marketplace here.

    Updating the records ensures API integrations continue without interruption. If your library takes no action, the links in your RBdigital MARC records will automatically re-direct to a new landing page that will provide additional instructions for your patrons.

  • If my library is part of an OverDrive consortium, where will titles be transferred?

    If your library is a member of an OverDrive consortium, your RBdigital ebooks and audiobooks will be transferred to your library’s OverDrive Advantage collection. If you do not have Advantage, please contact your OverDrive Account Manager to sign up. If you’d prefer the titles be transferred to the shared collection and accessible to all member libraries, please let your OverDrive Account Manager know.