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Sora Overview

Get to know Sora! We’ll take a bird’s eye view of signing in, borrowing titles, customizing the app, and accessing special features. Great as an overview for yourself or to share with staff, students, and parents.

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PART V: Enjoying Audiobooks and Other Formats in Sora

Discover the fun of audiobooks, graphic novels and Read-Alongs – our full-color, fully narrated books. Change narration speed, set a sleep timer, and even leave notes!

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PART IV: Enjoying Ebooks in Sora

Dive into an ebook and create bookmarks, define words, leave notes and highlights, search through a title, and set reading settings like text size, brightness, and more.

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PART III: Managing Titles in Sora

Quickly and easily borrow titles, place titles on hold and return titles early in Sora.

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