Getting Started with OverDrive: New Library Partners

Welcome to OverDrive! This introductory video will help new library partners get acquainted with their OverDrive service and digital library platforms. It will also cover three steps you can take today in Marketplace.

PART III: Managing Loans and Holds on your OverDrive Digital Library Website

Take a virtual tour of your library website and learn how to borrow titles, place titles on hold, read or listen in your browser, and more!

  • Introduction: 0:00-0:17
  • Loans: 0:18-1:40
  • Holds: 1:41-3:59
  • Wish list: 4:00-6:10
  • Rated titles: 6:11-7:55
  • Recommendations: 7:56-11:08
  • History: 11:09-13:32
  • Thank you: 13:33-13:51