How-To Videos – OverDrive Resource Center

Automatic Weeding Plan & Smart List Overview

Dive into this short overview video to create an automated cart and Smart Lists to weed your expired Metered Access titles. Then, jump into our in-depth videos on these subjects!

Bonus: download the accompanying PDF for a step-by-step guide you can print or reference quickly.

Automating Carts: Create a Recommend to Library Manager Plan

How to create a Recommend to Library Manager plan in OverDrive Marketplace.

  • 00:12 Overview
  • 01:35 How to get started
  • 02:19 Create a new plan
  • 02:43 User demand and budget
  • 06:00 Collection development policies
  • 08:36 Scheduling

PART III: Managing Loans and Holds on your OverDrive Digital Library Website

Take a virtual tour of your library website and learn how to borrow titles, place titles on hold, read or listen in your browser, and more!

  • Introduction: 0:00-0:17
  • Loans: 0:18-1:40
  • Holds: 1:41-3:59
  • Wish list: 4:00-6:10
  • Rated titles: 6:11-7:55
  • Recommendations: 7:56-11:08
  • History: 11:09-13:32
  • Thank you: 13:33-13:51