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OverDrive’s Advantage program allows you to get more out of your digital content service by offering the ability to create additional collections of extra copies or unique titles for a defined audience, such as specific grades or schools.

Shared Advantage Diagram

Advantage collections can be accessed based on the established user-reporting structure. For example, if the reporting for the OverDrive-powered website is set to grade level, an Advantage collection(s) can be created and access limited by grade. If reporting is set by building, only designated buildings will have access to the Advantage collection(s).

Users will see all titles in the Advantage collection(s) they have been assigned to, as well as all titles in the shared collection.

Use Advantage to:

  • Add additional copies of titles exclusively for specific grades or schools
  • Create a unique collection of titles for schools within a district

How Do The Collections Work?

A special login to OverDrive Marketplace is created. This connects to the existing Marketplace account but enables separated ordering, and, if needed, billing.

  • An Advantage collection will be integrated into the existing OverDrive-powered website, but only defined user groups (e.g., specific grades or schools) can access it.
  • Only titles in the formats offered at the OverDrive-powered website for all users can be added. For example, if the website doesn’t offer video content, the Advantage collection can’t add video just for the intended audience.
  • Established loan periods and lending rules remain the same for Advantage collection titles. If the loan period for ebooks is 14 days, with an option for 7 days, then titles or extra copies in the Advantage collection will have the same options.
  • MARC records can be ordered for Advantage collection titles. Ordering a title not already owned will generate a MARC record, but an additional copy purchase will not.
  • Marketplace real-time reports allow for tracking usage of the collection.

Who can participate?

Any K-12 school partner that can use OverDrive’s branch reporting feature to appropriately identify the intended audience for the collection.