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Classroom Features

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Learn easy-to-implement tips and tricks to integrate Sora into your classroom curriculum. Use the ideas below to begin brainstorming.

Annotations and Vocabulary

Expand vocabulary to increase comprehension

Readers can define unknown words while reading in the app without having to close their book.

Highlight examples, main ideas, supporting details, etc.

While reading, students can answer comprehension questions or highlight instances of literary elements, plot, character development, and more by taking digital notes.

Increase text interaction

Encourage students to stop, reflect, and add a comment or question using a note to make personal connections to the text or link background knowledge to new understanding.

Facilitate organization and resourcefulness

Sora stores highlights and notes, even after a book is returned. Students can view or sort their recently defined words and notes and highlights.

Boost metacognition

Reading interactions and annotations provide a structure for learners to think about their thinking. Students can set a timer to check their understanding, add a summary note, etc.

Read-Along Ebooks

Independent reading or learning centers

Read-Alongs can support students while they read independently or attempt more challenging books.

Gain confidence with repeated reading

Repeated reading can help students build fluency. They can read along with the narrator and then on their own, changing the narration speed as needed.

Group reading

Project read-alongs when there aren’t multiple copies available. Group reading encourages collaborative discussion and models good reading skills.

Build vocabulary

Early learners can highlight sight words while reading, while older students can define, highlight, and leave notes for new vocabulary words.

Aid comprehension and decrease anxiety

Professional narration can allow students to focus on their understanding of a text.

Exporting Notes

Simplify submission of homework and assignments

Students can export and share new vocabulary, answers to comprehension questions, or reflections with a teacher.

Enable class collaboration, book discussion, or assessment creation

Learners can save time by sharing information directly from the app, without having to rewrite text from the book. Students can collaborate by sharing exported notes and highlights.

Assist with pre-work and preparation

Exporting enables students to prepare for class discussions or projects while reading.

Aid documentation and real-time records

Learners can keep track of their growing vocabulary, or thoughts while reading, and save exported lists to their personal device or digital portfolio. Educators can store and organize shared student work, tracking readers’ growth over time

Support remote learning

Exporting facilitates collaboration between learners, and between students and teachers, even remotely.

Tracking Student Progress

Inspire ownership over reading

Customization provides control over reading preferences, which can increase students’ investment in their own reading.

Provide structure and sustain motivation through gamification

Sora provides structure for reluctant readers, while statistics and achievements add elements of gaming to increase student motivation.

Encourage time management and individual progress monitoring

Sleep timers and the ability to track progress (while reading and overall) can support students’ time management and progress monitoring efforts.

Support goal setting

In-app statistics and achievements provide insight and can help students set SMART goals.

Enable students to share progress

Students can screenshot their progress to share with parents and teachers.