Engage developing readers with narrated ebooks, perfect for independent reading and developing fluency.

OverDrive read-alongs deliver:

  • Independent reading or learning centers: Read-alongs support students while they read independently and scaffold their attempts at more challenging books.
  • Gain confidence with repeated reading: Repeated reading helps students build fluency. After following along with the narrator, students can select a comfortable narration speed and read along with the narrator, progressing to reading fully on their own.
  • Group reading: When multiple copies aren’t available, projecting a read-along allows for choral reading, fosters collaborative discussion, and models good reading skills.
  • Build vocabulary: Early learners can highlight sight words while reading and hear unfamiliar words pronounced correctly, while older students can define, highlight, and leave notes for new vocabulary words.
  • Aid comprehension and decrease anxiety: Listening to professional narration allows students to focus on their understanding of a text, increase reading enjoyment, and decrease reading anxiety.

Watch our training video about read-alongs.