Sora Showcase

Sora Showcase is our user-friendly, interactive discovery kiosk software designed to promote and increase access to your digital collection in your schools. Set up Sora Showcase in high-traffic areas to highlight titles from your school’s Sora collection and encourage students and staff to explore your content.

Sora Showcase works on devices ranging from tablets to large screen displays.

How does Sora Showcase work?

Students can interact with Sora Showcase to browse, search, and sample titles. When they find something they like, they can easily use QR codes to download or open Sora and borrow the title.

Sora Showcase can be customized to fit the needs and interests of students at your school. You can promote the different formats, subjects, and languages your collection offers. Or, set up Sora Showcase at open houses and school events to introduce your Sora collection to your school community.

Sora Showcase features

Sora Showcase features

  • Display Sora Showcase on touchscreen devices, ranging from iOS and Android tablets to larger screens. Or use the optional non-interactive mode to promote your digital collection on any monitor.
  • Set up multiple instances of Sora Showcase (by school building, location in your school, etc.)—all for free. Note that OverDrive provides the software for Sora Showcase, but your school is responsible for providing the hardware.
  • Customize individual displays using admin tools in Sora Showcase. For example, set up an instance of Sora Showcase in your high school that highlights your YA collection or a Showcase displaying juvenile content in your elementary school library.
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