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Sora Saves, Part 2 of 3: Money (October 2020)

Join OverDrive K-12 experts Tiffany Christina, and Sydney as they discuss the ways Sora adds value without adding extra costs!

Sora Saves Money is part two of a 3-part on-demand web series to explore digital reading from a feature, marketing, and training perspective.

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Mythbusting with OverDrive: Innovative Ways to Talk About Your Digital Library (December 2021)

"I tried ebooks a long time ago and it just wasn’t for me."
"It’s too much screen time for kids/students.”

How many times have you heard these reasons for why people aren’t using your digital library? Join OverDrive as we share simple, effective tips and resources to encourage all users, from the digital doubter to the tech savvy teen, to give digital a try.

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Audience: Public library and K-12 school staff who work with end users or anyone responsible for the success of their digital collection.

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Public Library CONNECT: Building and growing library and school partnerships (September 2021)

Watch this on-demand webinar on Public Library CONNECT, a game-changing feature that helps kids read more and increases juvenile and young adult circulation. Public Library CONNECT enables students to borrow age-appropriate ebooks and audiobooks from their school and local public library’s digital collection. OverDrive experts will share how it works, how to sign up for free, and best practices for a successful sharing partnership.

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