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Each month we’ll be highlighting a different destination. With each stop you’ll learn interesting facts about the language, culture, and literature from that location. Over the past year we have visited Bogotá, Colombia; Guangzhou, China; Paris, France; Udaipur, India and more.

Celebrate the diversity of your community by shopping the recommended lists and featured content to build a robust collection to serve everyone’s needs. And don’t forget to download the accompanying marketing kits below to promote your new titles to your patrons!

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Where are we now?

Join us in exploring the next stop of the 2024 World Literary Tour from February 1 -29; Hangzhou, China! This Lunar New Year, we have specially curated a selection of Chinese content for you, including literary works from Hangzhou and Zhejiang Province. These titles span various fields such as cuisine, history, language learning, and fiction. Through these selections, we hope to deepen readers’ understanding of the culture and charm of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, and the broader Chinese context, as we celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Dragon.

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See our list of past, present, and future World Literary Tour stops below! For each active stop you can SHOP language-based content in marketplace and then PROMOTE your newly updated collections to your patrons using our easily customizable marketing kits and templates.

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August 2023

Singapore, Southeast Asia
San Juan thumbnail image

September 2023

San Juan, Puerto Rico
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October 2023

Xi’An, China
Delhi thumbnail image

November 2023

Delhi, India
Berlin thumbnail image

January 2024

Berlin, Germany
China thumbnail image

February 2024

Hangzhou, China
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March 2024

Saudi Arabia