K-12 Schools Staff Training

Fit learning into your busy schedule with access to on-demand training modules, downloadable PDFs, upcoming webinars, and tools to educate your staff and end users any time of day or night.

Educator Resources

Want to host your own training session? Looking for student resources? Download a kit to use with your staff or school community.


Educator Kit – Supersonic Phonics

This .ZIP file contains an introductory video about Supersonic Phonics and decodables, a helpful self-paced PDF guide to get educators started with phonics and decodables, and our Sora Starter Pack which includes lessons and activities, level charts, and more.

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PowerPoint Slides – Get Started with Sora for Staff & Students

Download these slides to host your own internal Sora training with educators, school librarians, students, or anyone else in your school building who need to know how to log into Sora, browse and borrow titles, use app features, and more.

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PowerPoint Slides – Introduce Sora to Students & Families

Download these slides to introduce Sora to students, parents/guardians, and your school community at parent-teacher conferences, activity fairs, back-to-school nights, or anywhere you connect with folks who may be new to digital reading at your school or district.

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Self-Paced Curriculum (PDFs) – Getting Started with Sora

This .ZIP file contains 3 helpful self-paced PDF guides to get educators started with Sora, including: Sora Essentials, a getting started guide for the student reading app; Summer Reading with Sora, a guide for making the most of summer reading with Sora; and Supersonic Phonics, a guide to our phonics and decodable books in Sora.

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Self-Paced Curriculum (PDF) – Getting Started with Marketplace

This kit contains 1 easy-to-follow PDF for staff to learn what’s possible with OverDrive Marketplace, and how to use it to customize the Sora digital collection.

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ZIP file – Sora “Quick Tip” videos

This .ZIP file contains links to 1-minute “quick tip” videos for K-12 educators who want to learn about the following in Sora: finding copies of a title, accessibility features, sharing direct links, and navigating without using page numbers.

There are also 1-minute videos about Class Sets and On-Demand Class sets, using Marketplace Top 200 lists to fill in gaps in your digital collection, and using the Sora Activity dashboard.

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PDF Guide – Share to Google Classroom from OverDrive Marketplace

This how-to guide outlines steps for how to share titles and collections from your Sora digital collection to Google Classroom, using OverDrive Marketplace.

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Staff & Student Learning Kit – Managing Holds

This kit contains 1 easy-to-follow PDF for K-12 educators on managing holds in Marketplace, 2 short videos about holds in Sora – great for students, staff, and parents alike, and a marketing graphic for educators to share.

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Lesson Plan – Annotations with Sora

This kit contains 1 PDF lesson plan on exporting notes from Sora and ways to incorporate them into assignments, 1 Word document template on using Sora for Cornell-style notes, 1 short video showing how to create annotations, 1 short video showing how to export annotations, and 1 marketing graphic for the web or social media.

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Lesson Plan – Student Learning at Home

This kit contains 4 student lessons (1 early, 1 middle, and 2 high school), 1 instructional video link, and 1 getting started handout.

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