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Lending Models Overview

Lending Models: One Copy One User (OCOU)

Lending Models: Metered Access (MA)

Lending Models: Cost Per Circ (CPC)

Lending Models: Simultaneous Use (SU)




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Refine and Understand Search Results

Create and Edit Carts

Libby Extras

Renew magazines, comics, and Libby Extras

Automate Carts: Create Smart Lists






Curate Lists for Your Digital Library

Curate Magazine Collections

Lucky Day

Add Shelf Talkers

Customize the Libby layout page

Holds & Metered Access Management



Metered Access Manager Overview

Create and Review Metered Access Manager Plans

Manage Holds

Create a Holds Manager Plan

Advantage & Advantage Plus


Deep Search & Notify Me



Deep Search & Notify Me in Libby

Notify Me Data in Marketplace

Patron Interests Manager in Marketplace

Patron Interests Dashboard in Marketplace

MARC Records





Overview: Weeding Titles

Get the Most Out of Weeding for Your Consortium

Get the Most Out of Weeding for Your Advantage Library

Automatic Weeding Plan & Smart List Overview