Kids & Teens Reading Room


A safe environment within your digital library

Kids and teens need a safe environment to browse the library. Just as the children’s section of the physical branch is creatively sectioned off, we worked with our library partners to develop appealing, user-friendly digital kids and teens rooms for your OverDrive-powered website.

See how the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, San Antonio Public Library and Sno-Isle Libraries use these eReading Rooms to engage the young readers in their communities.

What is it?

The eReading Room is a dedicated collection on your library’s OverDrive-powered website that displays content only for kids or teens. Displayed content can include juvenile titles, young adult titles or both. Checkouts and holds are processed the same way as the full version of the library website, so when kids and teens are ready to use the full version, they’ll already know how to navigate the pages.

How is it organized?

Once inside the Kids or Teens collections, all searches will show only juvenile or young adult content. You can curate special collections to improve discovery of new books and be assured that no adult content will appear in search results. As with all ebooks in your full collection, all titles can be sampled in OverDrive Read prior to borrowing or placing a hold.

How can my library add this feature?

To get started, contact your OverDrive Account Team. When it is live on your site, you will see Kids or Teens listed as options in your top navigation, right alongside Subjects and Collections, to provide quick access for young readers to find the books they want right away. Parents can feel comfortable knowing their children are browsing and borrowing books that are age, grade, and reading-level appropriate.

What do Kids & Teens eReading Rooms look like in the Libby app?

From the Libby app, young readers can set their Preferences to only see Juvenile or Young Adult content. They can also visit the Explore tab and navigate to the Kids or Teens Guides to browse your curated eReading Room collections.

eReading Room for teens
eReading Room for kids
eReading Room for kids

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