K-12 Schools Staff Training

Marketplace Essentials (August 2022)

Ready to learn the basics of Marketplace, the shopping and administrative portal?

Our Marketplace Essentials session is intended for educators brand new to Marketplace who want to:

  • Learn the basics of digital content and how it differs from print
  • Explore how digital libraries work, including the difference between shared & Advantage collections
  • Sign in and navigate Marketplace
  • Discover how Sora and Marketplace connect to meet the needs of educators & students
  • Browse the digital catalog, build carts, and purchase titles in Marketplace
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World Literary Tour: Spotlight on OverDrive’s Spanish-Language Catalog (May 2022)

Mucho gusto! Next stop - Spain! Discover OverDrive's Spanish-language catalog and learn how you can support World Languages for your library or school with digital content. Join our experts for this webinar to explore:

  • OverDrive's Spanish catalog and featured Latin-American and European authors
  • Shopping and selecting Spanish-language titles in OverDrive Marketplace
  • Featured collections on the World Literary Tour schedule and where to find them

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Marketplace Connections: Advocate for Your Digital Collection with Data and Insights (April 2022)

Join OverDrive experts to learn how to prepare a collection of reports that demonstrate the impact of your school's digital collection. In this session, you'll learn to:

  • Run impactful reports to advocate for budget, access, and recognition.
  • Improve workflow with SmartCarts and other automated features.
  • Dive into data on usage, interest, and the health of your collection.

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Marketplace Connections: Reserving & Bundling Content (February 2022)

Interested in creating digital book bins for your students? Want to set aside titles for a classroom or curriculum library? Learn how to offer exclusive access to digital titles for specific students by reserving titles and creating "content bundles."

This Marketplace Connections session is intended for educators with a basic understanding of Marketplace and Sora who want to:

  • Discover how content bundles can help meet their unique needs
  • Learn how students can unlock content bundles in Sora
  • Identify the steps in reserving and bundling content in Marketplace

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