I want to purchase titles in a format my library currently doesn’t offer. What are my next steps?

Before submitting an order with content in a new format, confirm that your library wants to offer that format. Due to the nature of digital media, all sales are final. Please contact your Account Specialist with questions.

Why is a certain title not available in Kindle format? I can that see that the Kindle version is available from Amazon. (For U.S. libraries only)

OverDrive may receive the EPUB/PDF format from the publisher before Amazon can update our catalog with the Kindle format. Once the Kindle format is available, it will automatically be added to your digital library website for titles you have purchased.

When shopping in OverDrive Marketplace, I see abbreviations like OC/OU and MA. What do these mean?

A breakdown of lending model ownership and availability will show for all titles as you browse and search the catalog or view titles in carts. Here’s a key of the abbreviations in use for each lending model:
  • OC/OU = One copy/one user
  • MA = Metered access
  • SU = Simultaneous use

How can my library add public domain eBooks to our service?

A Simultaneous Use plan consisting of 1,000 or more public domain eBooks from Project Gutenberg can be added to your digital collection at no cost. The Simultaneous Use lending model means that the titles will always be available for users to borrow (no waitlists) on your site. Titles in this plan will be integrated with your purchased titles, and they will never expire. To add the Project Gutenberg plan to your digital collection, visit OverDrive Marketplace and select Simultaneous Use under the Shop drop-down menu.

How do I get access or create a new username for OverDrive Marketplace?

The OverDrive Marketplace Administrator for your library or school can create new usernames and assign the appropriate permission for staff. On the Admin tab in OverDrive Marketplace, the administrator will find the Marketplace Users page. For more information on managing OverDrive Marketplace user permissions, visit Marketplace Help > Admin > Marketplace users

How do I suggest subject heading changes to titles in our digital collection?

You can recommend subject heading changes to titles in your digital collection through Marketplace in OverDrive Marketplace. Once you find the title in Marketplace, simply click the ‘Recommend subjects’ link beneath the listed subject headings on the title details page and enter the subjects you’d like to see added or removed. Once the title has received multiple recommendations for a subject change from librarians in the OverDrive network, it will be implemented globally.

What options are available for MARC records?

There are several options for integrating titles in your digital collection with your library’s online catalog to increase discoverability. Learn more on the MARC Records page in OverDrive Marketplace, under the ADMIN tab. (If you don’t see the Admin tab, contact your library’s OverDrive Marketplace Administrator for assistance or to request the appropriate permissions.)

You can also find out more about our free MARC Express Records and download samples from our Resource Center page: http://resources.overdrive.com/library/apps-features/marc-express/

How can I upload eBooks, audiobooks, and streaming video for which my library has copyright?

The ability to upload local content, such as historical documents, local author interviews, community resources, and more, is available in the Local Content section on the Admin tab. OverDrive Marketplace users with ‘Local content’ permission can add new content or edit existing content for which your library has copyright.

For more information on local content, including supported formats, visit Marketplace Help > Admin > Local Content.

I recently issued a new library card number to a user and now he/she is unable to access holds and borrowed titles on his/her old card on the digital library website. How can we fix it?

You can merge a user’s original and new barcodes (library cards or other IDs they use to sign into your site) in OverDrive Marketplace using the Merge IDs tool under the SUPPORT tab. This will allow the user to retain their account activity from their original card (checkouts, holds, wish list, etc.) when they switch to their new card.

Please note: For reporting purposes, historical activity associated with the original barcode will remain associated with that barcode. Any activity after this merge will be associated with whichever barcode the user uses to sign into your public-facing website.

We recently made changes to our ILS and now users cannot sign in to our digital library website. Who should I contact for assistance?

Contact our Authentication Support team via the web form located on the Support tab in OverDrive Marketplace as soon as possible to resolve the issue and restore access for users. Be sure to use the checkbox indicating your site is experiencing an outage.

My library has an OverDrive Advantage plan. How can users see the titles we purchased for them through Advantage?

OverDrive Advantage integrates the titles you purchase within the shared collection. As a first step, users should sign in to their accounts on the digital library website to see the unique titles and additional copies of popular titles purchased just for them. Contact your Account Specialist for tips and best practices on promoting Advantage to your users.

Each member of our consortium/school district orders content separately in OverDrive Marketplace? How can we ensure invoices go to the right people?

For direct billing arrangements, any user who will be submitting orders in OverDrive Marketplace needs to have the correct billing account selected on their user profile. This lets our Accounting team know which library/school should receive the invoice. All invoices are then routed according to the user that submitted the order. Therefore, a single user account cannot place orders for multiple accounts. If additional billing accounts need to be set up, contact our Accounting team via the Invoicing web form located on the Support tab in OverDrive Marketplace noting the name of the library/school, billing address, and name and email address of the person(s) to receive the invoices.