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How do I feature custom collections on my digital library website?

In OverDrive Marketplace, users with the Curate permission can customize collections featured on your digital library website. You will find the curation interface under the CURATE tab in Marketplace. To learn more about curated collections for your digital library website, including step by step instructions, visit Marketplace Help > Curating.

My library is interested in OverDrive’s eReading Room for Kids. Where can I find more information?

The eReading Room for Kids or Teens is a customizable section of a public library’s OverDrive-powered website that displays content only for children or young adult readers. Additional details can be found at our eReading Room product page. Contact your Content Sales Specialist for more information.

My library is hosting sessions to teach users about the service. Do you have resources available to help us prepare?

Yes. Before your session, make sure your staff is knowledgeable about the OverDrive user experience by viewing our on-demand trainings in the Resource Center. Visit the Training Templates tab to download and customize OverDrive presentations and demonstration checklists.

When troubleshooting issues on behalf of a user, is there a report available to help me gather the details of the borrowed item?

Yes. Visit the Reports tab in OverDrive Marketplace and choose the ‘Search checkouts’ report in the User Statistics section. This report allows you to search for and view your patrons’ active checkouts by unique checkout ID, library card number, or title.

A user missed a hold that was ready for him/her, but never received a holds notification email. What happened?

If the user was recently issued a new library card number, the title on hold may have been associated with the old library card number. Contact our Support Services team via the Support tab in OverDrive Marketplace.

It is also possible the user’s email provider blocked the notification. Whitelisting the sender email address donotreply@overdrive.com should help ensure this does not occur in the future.

In the Circulation Activity report, what do the format types ‘eBook (Pending)’ and ‘Audiobook (Pending)’ mean?

Users can borrow a title but are not required to choose a format at checkout. Therefore, until the user selects the format, the checkout is categorized as ‘Pending.’ Checkouts will remain in the ‘Pending’ category until the user selects a format. If the loan expires before then, the checkout will remain as ‘Pending.’

I’m viewing a report in Marketplace, but I don’t see the information I need. How do I change the parameters or filters for the report?

To adjust the settings for a report, select the ‘Run new report’ option on the right-hand side. This will allow you to input new parameters and organize the report by month, branch, format and more.

Do you have more detailed instructional guides?

Yes, you can download Getting Started Guides in the Marketing & Outreach Print-Ready Materials tab, under “Additional Options”. These guides provide tips for getting started with the OverDrive app (for smart phone or tablet users), dedicated eReaders (NOOK, Kobo, etc.), desktop & laptop computers, and Kindles (U.S. only). For more information, please visit OverDrive Help: http://help.overdrive.com/#devices.

Can I print in-house?

Yes. Flyers and posters are sized to print on 8.5×11 or 11×17 paper. Half-sheet flyers, bookmarks and other smaller pieces are provided in a format with multiple items per 8.5×11 sheet. For your convenience, materials with multiple items per sheet include crop marks. Sticker sheets are designed to print 12 2×2 stickers. For optimal printing, we recommend printing stickers on Avery #22806. For all printed materials, keep your settings to print actual size. Additional paper sizes are available in the zip A3 & A4 International Paper Sizes found in the Marketing & Outreach Print-Ready Materials tab, under “Additional Options”.

I want to purchase titles in a format my library currently doesn’t offer. What are my next steps?

Before submitting an order with content in a new format, confirm that your library wants to offer that format. Due to the nature of digital media, all sales are final. Please contact your Account Specialist with questions.

Why is a certain title not available in Kindle format? I can that see that the Kindle version is available from Amazon. (For U.S. libraries only)

OverDrive may receive the EPUB/PDF format from the publisher before Amazon can update our catalog with the Kindle format. Once the Kindle format is available, it will automatically be added to your digital library website for titles you have purchased.

When shopping in OverDrive Marketplace, I see abbreviations like OC/OU and MA. What do these mean?

A breakdown of lending model ownership and availability will show for all titles as you browse and search the catalog or view titles in carts. Here’s a key of the abbreviations in use for each lending model:
  • OC/OU = One copy/one user
  • MA = Metered access
  • SU = Simultaneous use

How can my library add public domain eBooks to our service?

A Simultaneous Use plan consisting of 1,000 or more public domain eBooks from Project Gutenberg can be added to your digital collection at no cost. The Simultaneous Use lending model means that the titles will always be available for users to borrow (no waitlists) on your site. Titles in this plan will be integrated with your purchased titles, and they will never expire. To add the Project Gutenberg plan to your digital collection, visit OverDrive Marketplace and select Simultaneous Use under the Shop drop-down menu.

How do I get access or create a new username for OverDrive Marketplace?

The OverDrive Marketplace Administrator for your library or school can create new usernames and assign the appropriate permission for staff. On the Admin tab in OverDrive Marketplace, the administrator will find the Marketplace Users page. For more information on managing OverDrive Marketplace user permissions, visit Marketplace Help > Admin > Marketplace users