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Lending models overview

Lending models: One Copy/One User (OC/OU)

Lending models: Metered Access (MA)

Lending models: Class Sets & On-Demand Class Sets

Lending models: Simultaneous Use (SU)

Lending models: Cost Per Circ (CPC)

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Title Management



Content Access Levels overview

Manage Content Access Levels in OverDrive Marketplace

Advantage filtering: shared collection user 

Advantage filtering: Advantage collection user

Weed titles

Curriculum Tools



Title assignments

Student reading data for title assignments and Class Sets

Reserve and bundle content

Student dashboard overview

Create classes in the student dashboard

View student reading data in the student dashboard




Marketplace Insights

Checkouts report

Current holds report

Title status & usage report

Purchase orders report

Holds & Metered Access Management



Digital holds overview

Manage holds

Get holds current

Metered Access Manager overview

Create and review Metered Access Manager plans




Shared & Advantage Collections: What’s the difference?

Manage your Advantage account

Curate Advantage collections for the Sora app

Advantage Plus




Manage admin tools

Merge user IDs

Manage MARC Express records

User Login Manager overview

Manage and maintain User Login Manager

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