Big Library Read LIVE – A Q&A with Dan Flores, author of Wild New World (May 2024)

Join thousands of readers from around the globe for “Big Library Read: A Q&A with Dan Flores, author of Wild New World”, where we dive into the lush historical ecology of North America like never before.

Take the opportunity to connect with the best-selling and award-winning author of Coyote America to hear Q&A questions about the writing process, history, and inspiration behind his newest nonfiction title, Wild New World.

Manage Content Access Levels in OverDrive Marketplace

Manage Content Access Levels in OverDrive Marketplace:

  • Content Access Levels review – 0:00-0:31
  • Where to view/manage – 0:32-0:53
  • Options for managing – 0:54-1:08
  • Set manually at purchase – 1:09-1:37
  • Assign automatically – 1:38-2:59
  • Using the Content Access Levels tool – 3:00-4:36
  • Edit access levels when shopping or curating – 4:37-5:01
  • Advantage and Advantage Plus – 5:02-5:52
  • Exporting a list of titles – 5:53-6:39

World Literary Tour: Holiday Edition (December 2023)

The end of the year is fast approaching and with it, a plethora of celebrations—some global, others unique to a specific area of the world. What better way to celebrate than by showcasing world language content just in time for the holidays?

Join OverDrive for an engaging 45-minute session where we’ll:

  • Celebrate holidays around the world in the final stop of our World Literary Tour.
  • Showcase content, including titles from Latin America, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • Share best practices for curating and marketing world language content to your community.

Worldwide: Easily shop the list of titles mentioned in the webinar.

AU/NZ: Easily shop the list of titles with AU/NZ rights mentioned in the webinar.