Manage Content Access Levels in OverDrive Marketplace

Manage Content Access Levels in OverDrive Marketplace:

  • Content Access Levels review – 0:00-0:31
  • Where to view/manage – 0:32-0:53
  • Options for managing – 0:54-1:08
  • Set manually at purchase – 1:09-1:37
  • Assign automatically – 1:38-2:59
  • Using the Content Access Levels tool – 3:00-4:36
  • Edit access levels when shopping or curating – 4:37-5:01
  • Advantage and Advantage Plus – 5:02-5:52
  • Exporting a list of titles – 5:53-6:39

Quick tips to connect your whole classroom with digital magazines (November 2023)

How can digital magazines change your approach to lesson planning? What kinds of magazines can you even get digitally? (Spoiler alert: A lot!) And just how many students can read them at one time? For answers to all these pressing questions and more, don’t miss this presentation from the Sora app’s digital reading experts. You’ll get a peek at all the different possibilities with periodicals, including:
  • Key benefits that make the magazines package a must-have for your school.
  • New and always-available titles that can keep your students reading over breaks.
  • Classroom ideas to help you cut back on paper (and save you from paper cuts!)
  • Success stories from educators like you who are making the most of their digital magazines.

Ebookin’ on a Budget: Buy More and Spend Less with OverDrive (October 2023)

Making a positive impact on your community by growing your digital collection doesn’t have to break your budget. Our team of experts will help you discover OverDrive’s self-service tools in Marketplace to:
  • Shop alternative lending models
  • Improve circulation with curation
  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Manage expired Metered Access titles
  • Request next level support
  • Access help resources and more